Using Salesforce data to motivate contact center agents

Posted: 06/24/2015 - 10:43 | Inova Solutions
Use Salesforce data to motivate your contact center agents.

Motivation is critical for any workforce. Every business, no matter its size or sector, needs to ensure that its employees remain motivated at all times. It's not just a question of the bottom-line, although that is obviously a major consideration. Not only will unmotivated workers be less productive - they'll also be less likely to stick around. Motivation makes employees both productive and happy.

This is particularly true for contact centers. As a recent ICMI study determined, apathy is the single biggest factor when it comes to poor customer support. With that in mind, it's clear to see that contact center managers should use every resource at their disposal to motivate an increasingly transient workforce . One of the best ways to achieve this goal is through the combined use of call data along with performance data from your Salesforce CRM (ex: percent to sales goal, revenue per team, and open cases by agent) on consolidated dashboards and wallboards. Together, these metrics can motivate both individuals and teams of contact center agents to maximize their job performances in several key ways.

"Competition can bring out the best in people."

1. Friendly competition
One of the best ways to leverage these resources as a means of improving motivation is by establishing a friendly competition between teams. Competition can bring out the best in people, and is a way to make work genuinely more fun. Writing for Customer Think, David Miller emphasized the importance of recognizing and rewarding call center agents' success. The writer noted that rewards programs both build employee morale and serve to boost performance across the board.

Of course, it's possible to conduct a competition between employees simply by providing occasional updates or announcing winners at the end of the week, month or quarter. But such an approach minimizes the impact of the competition, which in turn limits its potential for motivation. However, with Salesforce data displayed on your dashboards and wallboards, the competition can become far more immediate, as agents can see revenue and other metrics for both their own team and other departments at any given time.

At the same time, though, contact center managers must be careful to ensure that these competitions are constructive. Miller highlighted the importance of creating and maintaining a warm, friendly environment in the call center to encourage the right attitudes. To this end, it's imperative to ensure that the competition remains "friendly" and is not the only measurement on which performance is based.

2. Keeping up-to-date
Another way your dashboards and wallboards can be used to motivate agents is by providing up-to-date insight into their progress towards performance goals. With revenue and case data from Salesforce, agents can look and see whether they have met their goals for the day, and if not, how much distance remains between their objectives and their current achievements. 

This level of clarity eliminates the risk that a representative will unknowingly fall behind on his or her goals. Instead, agents will remain fully aware of where they stand versus their goals at all times. This in turn will motivate workers to self-manage and remain productive throughout the day, rather than lagging behind and then playing catchup at the potential cost of providing superior customer service.

Keep employees happy by keeping them informed. Keep employees happy by keeping them informed.

3. Comparing progress
Additionally, dashboards and wallboards featuring Salesforce data can motivate agents by allowing them to see how the progress they've made today compares to other similar timeframes, be it a day, week, month, season or promotional period.

With an easy-to-access, tangible, visual measure of progress, agents will be better able to set reasonable goals for themselves. At the same time, this knowledge will help workers feel they've truly achieved accomplishments, which will add to job satisfaction and drive up retention rates.

Altogether, the visibility that integrating Salesforce data on your dashboards and wallboards can provide to the call center will have a major, positive impact agents' motivation, improving performance across the board. 

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