Use wallboards to build a winning call center culture

Posted: 12/02/2015 - 09:08 | Inova Solutions
Use wallboards to build a winning call center culture

Call center culture can be a critical factor in the success of a customer service strategy. After all, happy agents and supervisors are more likely to stay on top of their tasks and maximize output, leading to heightened customer satisfaction and a boost in brand reputation. 

While improving culture in the call center is easier said than done, there is one tool that can bring immediate benefits to the operation: call center wallboards. Here's a look at some of the major advantages these systems bring to the table, as well as some overlooked aspects of the technology.

1. Better training: When first introduced to the call center, a new customer service agent needs as much support as possible to make a smooth and successful transition. While training programs and workshops can be helpful for initial familiarity and protocols, the first day on the job will be tough unless stronger support systems are in place. 

This is where wallboards can make a huge difference for newcomers, providing a stable source of visual guidance during their assimilation to the environment. The wallboard can display resources such as service guidelines and expectations, as well as the core mission of the call center.

"Wallboards bring fun into the call center."

Constant reminders of these things will ensure that the onboarding process goes according to plan with all new associates, ultimately fostering a call center culture that is welcoming and supportive. 

2. Stronger teams: Perhaps the most important aspect of call center culture is the team dynamic that defines the daily working experience for every agent, supervisor and manager. Customer service positions can be taxing without support from others, which is why the most effective call centers have exceptional team structures. 

Wallboards can be a huge help in strengthening teams, especially when coordinated with gamification strategies. Using these screens to display certain objectives for volume and service can help motivate individuals and their teammates to exceed expectations and earn a reward. These strategies work best when leaders always set new goals for the workforce.

"Every day each supervisor must have some game going on with their associates," explained Expivia Interaction Marketing Group CEO Thomas Laird in a LinkedIn post. "You can do team vs. team or rep vs. rep. Please understand these are daily games to help keep our associates focused on their daily job and to have fun."

3. Useful alerts: Nothing is worse for call center culture than stress, and far too many operations have anxious agents who never feel in control of the situation. Wallboards can help lower stress levels in the call center by helping supervisors navigate around emergencies, thanks to triggered alerts. 

Ideally, call center leaders will be able to set these alerts based on key metrics, including call volume and agent utilization. The wallboards then broadcast the information to everyone in the building and initiate an actionable response. This keeps the call center on an even keel, even when faced with challenges. 

Wallboards aren't just for displaying metrics - they can contribute to a winning call center culture as well.

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