Make gamification work in your call center

Posted: 12/31/2015 - 11:13 | Inova Solutions
Make gamification work in your call center

Gamification is more than a passing trend - it's a widely-embraced method of motivation and team-building used in a diverse set of business scenarios, especially those related to customer-facing operations. To offer a more precise idea of what this entails, Gartner defined gamification as "the use of game mechanics and experience design to digitally engage and motivate people to achieve their goals".

Given this definition and the highly competitive consumer markets of the digital era, it's not surprising to find many call centers leverage gamification strategies in their day-to-day practices. These mechanics can be easily applied to performance metrics on both an individual and team basis, offering encouragement and rewards for representatives in all positions and specializations. 

Nevertheless, call center leaders may need a bit of guidance getting such a strategy off the ground. Luckily, wallboards and dashboards can help managers achieve their gamification goals, and finally bring a new era of competitive teamwork to the call center environment. Here are three ways how.

"Inspire agents to step it up."

Representatives will only get their heads in the game if they are always aware of the score, and where they stand against their competitors across the call center team. Wallboards and dashboards are a great way to broadcast the metrics of top performers and inspire agents to step it up.

An article from ICMI recently explained the importance of novelty in a gamification strategy, explaining that agents will be more likely to engage and enjoy the competition if mechanics and objectives are occasionally cycled in and out. Wallboards make it easy to switch things up now and again.

"This is not a program you can put out at the beginning of the year and have it run on autopilot," stated contributor Nate Brown. "Think about why we are drawn to games - they simulate a unique and exciting experience. As soon as that game ceases to challenge us or surprise us, we will stop playing it."

Employees love to be praised, especially those who work on the front lines with demanding customers all day. Managers can use call center wallboards to display the winners of a recent competition and make these individuals feel appreciated and respected in the workforce.

A successful gamification strategy demands hard work and creativity from everyone in the call center, but wallboards and dashboards can make it a little easier for all involved. 

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