How digital sign boards can help reduce call center churn

Posted: 12/04/2015 - 16:48 | Inova Solutions
How digital sign boards can help reduce call center churn

Employee turnover is the ultimate nemesis for the hard-working call center manager. The process of onboarding, supporting and then losing staff members is a strain on even the most hard-headed leader - not to mention terrible for the business.

Recruiting and training new staff combine to form an expensive and time-consuming effort, and when these investments don't pan out for the company, call center managers feel like they are throwing resources down the drain. 

Luckily for these decision-makers, the strategic use of digital sign boards in the call center can help to alleviate the issues that contribute to employee churn, reducing turnover without a drastic investment of time or money.

Here's a look at some of the factors that contribute to churn in the call center, and how sign boards can make a major difference in boosting employee retention. 

1. Stronger training strategies: Every call center has a go-to training protocol to help onboard new recruits, and most organizations do this quite effectively. But it's not a lack of strong initial training that leads to weak employee retention. Instead, it is a shortage of support for staff members who are entering the call center arena for the first time, and encounter challenges that they may not have been prepared for in these educational workshops. 

"Sign boards offer ongoing support."

Digital sign boards in the call center can be a life-saver for newcomers who need a bit of extra support once they finally get to work in their dedicated positions. The board can display key performance indicators and remind these new staff members of important customer experience guidelines. This will help them assimilate into their new roles much more smoothly and reduce the likelihood of rapid turnover. 

2. Greater workflow transparency: Any corporate employee has his own gripes about transparency within the organization, especially in the call center environment. Once the holidays roll around, it becomes even more important for managers and employees to know exactly how much call traffic they face, allowing them to prepare properly for effective support.

"The holiday season is a particularly grueling time for contact centers," wrote IMCI contributor Tamara Irminger Underwood. "Call volumes at their highest for the year and often contact centers are staffed with temp agents to meet the increased call demand."

With digital sign boards guiding the way, employees will be better able to navigate the holiday season and ensure that their call centers make it through without losing key staff members. 

3. Supportive staff environment: Contact center leaders can never underestimate the power of morale, especially in an operation that has fought high rates of turnover for a long time. Sign boards can help boost a sense of community in the call center by enabling gamification strategies and recognition for high-achieving staff. 

Furthermore, wallboards can be adjusted to display different metrics and goals over time, creating a more dynamic working environment for all employees. These factors add up to a much more supportive workplace - one that staff members will not want to leave behind. 

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