Digital signage makes a splash in the contact center

Posted: 12/31/2015 - 11:15 | Inova Solutions
Digital signage makes a splash in the contact center

Digital signage is a burgeoning industry with endless use cases across every imaginable industry. Only recently, however, have call center leaders truly begun to embrace these solutions with an open mind and generous budget.

With some experimentation and a willingness to push the boundaries of what's possible in the call center, customer service managers can create incredible signage solutions that massively improve performance. Here are a few unique applications that strategists can consider as they bring signage to their own operations.

1. On-site supervisor insights: In a bustling call center environment, managers need to be prepared to make adjustments at a moment's notice, depending on call volumes, traffic backup and agent utilization. Signage systems can display all of these metrics and allow supervisors to confidently make changes when necessary. As contributor Nate Nead stated in a blog post, this insight is key to business success

"Sometimes ... demand for call center support saw a significant spike," explained Nead. "This spike needed to be offset by a greater number of 'seats' in various call center locations. This is one of the ways in which digital signage comes into play."

"Use signage to track progress and pain points."

2. High-level management tools: A deeper level of call center transparency is needed for top-tier managers who handle the operations in closer coordination with other lines of business such as product development, marketing and sales. Signage can help these directors track progress and pain points on a larger scale, measuring monthly trends to see how the customer service program is performing in general.

"Apart from operators' individual desk console and call center software, the management of personnel in the room as a whole can be assisted with the use of smart digital signage software," continued Nead. 

Furthermore, the best signage tools deliver call center reports in real time that would otherwise have to be obtained through a longer process of data analysis. This allows business leaders to see key developments in the call center as they occur, rather than waiting until the end of the week, month or quarterly cycle to make informed choices. 

3. Ground-level agent incentive: Many call centers have taken a game-oriented approach to motivating employees in the trenches. Staff members who feel compelled to ramp their service levels up a notch will lead to an overall more productive and streamlined workplace environment. Digital signage can help leaders coordinate these programs by giving every staff member an individual dashboard or displaying results overhead for all to see. 

For example, a call center may run an initiative that encourages agents to make upsells or cross-sells for a bonus at the end of the month. With a signage system that displays the number of sales across the workforce, the competitive nature of the representatives will surely come to the forefront and lead to better performances. 

Every call center is going to find its own unique use cases for digital signage, but the flexibility of the solutions is undoubtedly part of their value. Managers should not hesitate to leverage these powerful tools and reap the rewards. 

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