Call center wallboards can strengthen training programs

Posted: 12/31/2015 - 11:14 | Inova Solutions
Training in the call center.

The call center agent onboarding process can be a bit frenetic, even for an operation that has trained countless representatives over the years. Newly-hired agents need to be educated quickly and thoroughly on a wide range of best practices and corporate policies, and when there are open seats that must be filled in the call center, managers are eager to put new recruits to work as soon as possible.

In other words, time is of the essence when it comes to call center agent training, and speed must be balanced with quality in order to ensure representatives are fully prepared when they pick up their first live call. Managers need all the help they can get to achieve this ideal balance, and call center wallboards can provide this aid. Here are a few ways in which well-positioned wallboards can strengthen and accelerate the call center employee training process. 

Clear scheduling 
One of the most important success factors in the call center is schedule adherence, and it must be a key element in any training curriculum. Wallboards can help supervisors teach new hires to better understand the concept of schedule adherence, and explain how it impacts service level and overall performance. As a blog article from TalkDesk pointed out, managers should always remember to incorporate practical tips to meet scheduling demands.

Plenty of metrics
In the call center, displaying a wide and varied set of metrics is key to ensuring that all employees - especially those in the process of being trained - are meeting their expected service levels and know what factors play into their evaluations. With wallboards readily visible from any call center seat, new staff members will quickly become familiar with the nuances of the agency's KPIs, and learn the ropes much faster than if they were merely given the occasional performance report. 

"Wallboards are visible from any call center seat."

Gamified tactics
More call centers are incorporating gamification methods to incentivize the workforce and promote a healthy sense of competition among call center agents. Wallboards help newly onboarded employees get the hang of this unique work culture and jump right into the game thanks to visible scoreboards. Wallboards can even display the names of new hires, making them feel right at home in their new positions. 

Individual feedback
Far too many call centers lose sight of the value of targeted feedback, even in training scenarios when the focus should really be on the individuals coming aboard. Wallboards can often be connected to custom desktop dashboards that serve to highlight strengths and weaknesses of a particular employee and help them overcome individual challenges much faster than usual. 

"Throughout the training program, consistently monitor agent performance and provide them with timely feedback," stated the TalkDesk blog article. "New hires should know exactly what is and what is not working so they can adjust their approach accordingly."

With these diverse use cases, wallboards are clearly a great way to shore up training and make new call center agents feel like a key part of the team. 

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