5 reasons why every call center agent needs a performance dashboard

Posted: 12/31/2015 - 11:21 | Inova Solutions

The call center environment is a hectic one, and agents are under a lot of pressure to perform. This is sure to prove especially true in the upcoming holiday season, when call centers will be fielding a huge influx of traffic across voice, chat and email channels. To put it simply, agents need all the help they can get to keep up with these increased volumes and stay motivated in the challenging winter months. 

To give agents a much-needed edge and promote greater productivity across the call center, managers can implement a powerful solution: individual digital sign boards for each representative. Here are five reasons why this single, simple asset can lead to enhanced performances for the entire operation: 

1. Custom KPI setups: The call center is saturated with metrics and key performance indicators, each gauging a different aspect of efficiency, service and quality. However, not all agents have the same needs when it comes to KPI visibility, as representatives have unique demands based on their roles within the organization. Custom dashboards allow every user to create their own preferred KPI readout and adjust them based on their individual priorities - all in real time. 

"Leveraging actionable [real-time] data has been shown to help achieve service levels goals with 5 percent fewer staffed hours and reduce abandon rates by as much as 60 percent," stated Inova Solutions Director of Marketing and Channel Development Jim Mannion in an article for ICMI. 

With more visibility into their performances, agents will remain motivated.With more visibility into their performances, agents will remain motivated.

2. Competitive spark: A bit of healthy competition can go a long way in the call center, as evidenced by the rise in gamification strategy across the customer service sector. With dashboards always visible on agents' desks and displays, they'll never be out of the loop regarding their own performances and how they're stacking up compared to fellow team members. Whether agents are shooting for more upsells, faster resolution times or multi-channel mastery, the dashboard will bring out their competitive edge. 

Furthermore, call center managers can highlight certain metrics to spark further enthusiasm and drive in the workforce, based on daily or seasonal priority shifts. While call volume may be emphasized during the holiday rush, January and February will likely be more focused on ensuring quality service. These objectives can be highlighted on individual dashboards for maximum strategic effect. 

3. Multi-channel view: The modern contact center agent juggles a wide variety of communication channels, each of which has its own set of distinct metrics and performance factors. A customizable digital dashboard can be essential for keeping track of the multi-channel dynamic, with social media, live chat and email all factoring into the daily process. As new channels are introduced to the contact center, an operation can confidently add these metrics to the mix and ensure consistent service. 

"Providing real-time visibility of across all channels of contact ensures that everyone has an accurate sense of performance and is aware when service level metrics are out-of-compliance," noted Mannion. 

"Every dashboard tracks efficiency, service and quality."

4. Alerts and updates: Even the most stable contact centers are subject to experiencing urgent - or even emergency - situations, meaning that a strong alert system is necessary to navigate tough circumstances. If an agent breaches policy or the operation becomes overloaded with call volume, dashboards can be used as notification platforms to direct representatives back on track. After all, crisis management is an important feature of any business, especially one that is customer-facing by nature. 

"[Select] personnel such as managers or supervisors can receive instant alerts remotely via text or email on mobile devices when metrics reach threshold levels, allowing for an immediate response," continued Mannion in his piece for ICMI. 

5. Overall engagement: Many call centers have large, colorful call center wallboards located throughout the environment, offering plenty of KPI visibility and motivation for on-premise staff. Still, absenteeism is an issue in many operations, and employee engagement remains one of the most challenging metrics to master. Factors such as staff member turnover can also wreak havoc on a contact center's budget, forcing the firm to invest disproportionate levels of funds in onboarding. 

Luckily, dashboards and signage have been shown to reduce agent absenteeism by up to 9 percent, making them a valuable investment for daily productivity and long-term business stability. With advantages for agents, managers and the business at large, dashboards are a wise choice for any contact center. 

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