Contact Center FAQs

Q: What type of data can I display on my dashboards or wallboards?

A: Inova Solutions' powerful software, LightLink, connects with many different data sources, including automatic call distributors, workforce management systems, dialers, IVRs as well as back office and enterprise databases.  This capability enables you to quickly view important customer service data from a single source – versus having to pour through multiple sources for the right information).

Q: How does your partnership with Four Winds Interactive work?

A: Inova partners with Four Winds Interactive (FWi) to bring contact centers the best of both worlds— the best data management tools and the best digital signage in the industry.  Inova installs and fully supports your entire digital signage system.

Q: What types of media can I play in digital signs?

A: Our digital signage package offers many multimedia options to capture attention. You can display video files, such as Flash, as well as live TV or satellite feeds, PowerPoint presentations, whole websites or parts of websites, and RSS feeds and more on your digital displays.

Q: There is a lot of information I'd like to display. Am I limited to just one view?

A: No! Our digital signage software package allows you to select from multiple templates or create custom views.  You can also rotate between views as needed.  You can also easily create and edit your signs with FWi Content Manager.

Q: Can I send ad-hoc and threshold messages to my displays?

A: Yes. Inova Solutions offers a simple messaging tool that can be configured to send messages based on metric thresholds, via a pre-determined schedule or sent ad hoc at your convenience. You can send scrolling text to any pre-designated area of a screen to get a message to your agents quickly, without having to design a separate sign.

Q: Do I need a PC for my digital signage software?

A: Yes. There are a couple different options — you can use one PC to control multiple LCD signs using VGA duplication hardware, or you can control each LCD sign with an individual PC.

Q: We have several shifts of agents that see different levels of activity. Is it possible to display different messages for each shift?

A: Yes.  An intuitive scheduling feature allows you to determine specific dates, days of the week, time of day, and intervals when a message will be displayed. This will allow you to completely customize what your agents see, when you want them to see it.

Q: Can I control the size of the Desktop Presenter application?

A: Yes.  Desktop Presenter can be scaled to the exact size needed to fit your agents’ desktop.  Desktop Presenter can also be configured to be hidden until a threshold is reached or when a message is sent, or to appear on top of other programs.

Q: We have several different groups of agents in our center; will each group need to run the program separately?

A: No.  Desktop Presenter allows for a variety of different agent groups to be created and managed from one system administrator.  Separate messages and data can be set to display for each group.  Messages can also be easily configured to display to all groups if the need arises.
Inova Solutions Service Level Survey

93% of surveyed Inova customers in the Insurance industry realized improved service level following the deployment of their Inova solution.

Source: Survey of 15 users of Inova Solutions