Real-Time Performance Management Assessment Service

Helping you establish a real-time notification and alerting strategy with the right set of metrics is our primary mission at Inova Solutions. Inova Solutions can help you use metrics to create real-time notifications for your contact center performance. When notificiations are instantly available, you are alerted to changing conditions in the call center and well-equipped to take steps to improve efficiency and meet your business goals.

Maximize your Performance

Inova Solutions has worked with contact centers to design and implement real-time performance solutions. Our Real-time Performance Management Assessment service is designed to help you outline and implement a strategy that utilizes the right set of metrics in real-time, maintain your customer service levels, and achieve your contact center’s business goals.

We start by getting to know your business and identifying the right metrics for your needs based on the following criteria:

  • Your Business and Environment including the type of business, management goals, and organizational strategy
  • The expected Audience for who will be viewing and acting up on the peformance metrics
  • The most appropriate Metrics Types to meet needs for efficiency, productivity, and logistics
  • The relevant Platforms and Channels from which to pull data 
  • The proper Context to identify trends, peaks, and valleys in your data


Inova Solutions’ Real-Time Performance Analysis Service helps you not only identify the right set of metrics, but also utlize the data to notify and alert personnel when action is required. Deliverables of the service include recommendations regarding:

  • Specific real-time metrics you should be leveraging
  • Historical metrics that should also be considered for context
  • How to best present and share real-time information
  • Threshold setting for specified metrics
  • When response plans should be considered and what to include

To find out more about the Inova Solutions Real Time Performance Analysis, send us an information request or call us directly at 800-637-1077 (outside the U.S. call +1-434-817-8000).

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Inova Solutions Service Level Survey

93% of surveyed Inova customers in the Insurance industry realized improved service level following the deployment of their Inova solution.

Source: Survey of 15 users of Inova Solutions