Inova Solutions Technical Project Managers utilizing PMP®-certified best practices, provide the experience, tools and resources necessary to ensure a quick return on your investment with us.

Whether your solution connects a single data source at a single location serving ten agents, or many data sources across multiple locations and thousands of seats, our implementation team will ensure your solution is expertly deployed and runs smoothly and optimally from day one.

Developing your Project Management Plan

Before deploying our solution at your site, we’ll work closely with your team to understand your unique contact center challenges. Through our Project Management Plan building process, we will help you determine the answers to these critical questions:

  • What are the contact center issues we’ll be addressing? Adherence, Service level, cost reduction, et cetera?
  • Which contact center metrics should be displayed to solve the issues?
  • How will those metrics be gathered and calculated?
  • What message and call to action will solve the issue?
  • Who will be viewing the metrics and messages?
  • If there are multiple teams or call center locations, will each be viewing the same information?
  • What does a successful outcome look like?

Once your customized Project Management Plan has identified the solutions your company needs and how we’ll implement them successfully, Inova’s Implementation Services team will identify the technical requirements and prerequisites required to prevent project stalls and momentum loss throughout the life of the project. We will work with your team to address technical and security concerns including potential network firewall and router restrictions, server platform requirements, and user permissions information. We’ll also work with you to set pre-deployment baseline metrics so you can measure the success of your solution.

Call Center Implementation Services

In the deployment phase of your project, our team relies on their years of experience to provide you with the solution you need, whether you opted for a budget-conscious Best Practices Template or a customized solution that reflects the personality and strengths of your brand. Our expert technicians will guide your team through any action items they own and will keep you updated as we progress through our own tasks and milestones. By mapping out the project path before we start, we are able to identify the parallel tasks that allow us to maintain project schedules even when unexpected changes at your site arise.

Testing and Training

Once your real-time solution is implemented, Inova Solutions will test it thoroughly to ensure it performs as designed. We can also provide a variety of training solutions so you’ll have the ability to operate your solution like an expert, instill Best Practices that will keep your system optimized for years to come, and allow you to start experiencing the benefits of the Inova Solutions products from day one.


Inova Solutions Service Level Survey

93% of surveyed Inova customers in the Insurance industry realized improved service level following the deployment of their Inova solution.

Source: Survey of 15 users of Inova Solutions