Contact Center Webinars

"Ask the Expert" with industry expert Jay Minnucci, Founder and President of Service Agility

Session 2: Contact Center Metrics: Right Sized Reactions

Nothing adds to the chaos in the contact center more than emotional responses to a growing queue. In this webinar we will discuss a more planned, logical approach to the ebbs and flows of our real time environment, and will help to generate more consistent performance. Topics include:

  • Using the Right Metrics
  • Setting Thresholds
  • The Role of Chance
  • Communicating with Agents



Real-Time Performance Management Improves Contact Center Results

Presented by Inova Solutions and DMG Consulting

This webinar covers the best practices for implementing a real-time contact center performance management (CCPM) solution.

  • Best-of-breed contact center performance management solution functionality
  • Benefits of implementing a contact center management solution
  • Top reasons for investing in a real-time contact center management solution

Recorded Thursday, April 21, 2015



"Ask the Expert" with industry expert Jay Minnucci, Founder and President of Service Agility

Session 1: Queueing Behavior: How Long Will They Wait?

Queues are a given in contact centers, but why will some callers wait ten minutes or longer while others hang up in 30 seconds? This session looks at the different factors affecting tolerance and consider ways that we can make the wait a little more productive.

  • Factors Influencing Caller Tolerance
  • The Cost of Abandonment
  • The Role of Messaging
  • Alternatives to Queuing

Recorded Thursday, February 19, 2015

Inova Solutions Customer Satisfaction Rating

A System Administrator of a large enterprise health care company said they would be very likely to recommend Inova Solutions for this reason:

Their solution provides thresholds options which a similar product, that our company looked at, did not. It's also easy to use but if i do run into an issue and I have a question, the Inova Support Team responds quickly.

Source: System Administrator, Large Enterprise Health Care Company