Five9 Wallboards and Dashboards

Inova’s easy to use wallboard solution uses real-time campaign metrics gathered through a high performance interface to Five9’s Virtual Contact Center.




Team Wallboards

For over thirty years, Inova has provided contact centers of all types with high quality wallboard solutions. Today, Inova offers Team Wallboards with key Five9 cloud-based campaign metrics, agent states, corporate communications, outage and weather conditions, etc., as well as Supervisor dashboards and Agent desktops.



Select and Control

Select only the real-time metrics relevant to each team

Allow Supervisors to set alert thresholds and create messages to drive behavior:


Mix and Match

Combine Five9 metrics with metrics from other call routing systems to ease transition between new and legacy systems.

See selected Five9 data in a single view alongside essential data from enterprise systems such as:

  • Sales
  • Support ticketing
  • Collections
  • Operations




Do The Math

Inova provides an intuitive interface to perform calculations on real-time data. New data fields can be created from mathematic operations performed on existing fields. These new fields can then be utilized in current or future calculations.


Inova Solutions Customer Satisfaction Rating

A System Administrator of a large enterprise health care company said they would be very likely to recommend Inova Solutions for this reason:

Their solution provides thresholds options which a similar product, that our company looked at, did not. It's also easy to use but if i do run into an issue and I have a question, the Inova Support Team responds quickly.

Source: System Administrator, Large Enterprise Health Care Company