ININ Compatible Wallboards and Dashboards

Inova Solutions partners with Interactive Intelligence (ININ) to add valuable real-time reporting capabilities to Interaction Marquee and Interaction Supervisor – the reporting applications of their all-in-one, pre-integrated contact center application, Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC). 

Enhance your ININ reporting with custom Inova Solutions dashboards and wallboards

Inova real-time performance management solutions extract, customize and visualize real-time data (e.g., call times and queuing information) from the CIC platform and combine it with real-time information from non-ININ call center platforms and enterprise data sources like your CRM to deliver consolidated and standardized reporting that’s easy to view on dashboards and wallboards. Our specific real-time reporting enhancements include: 

  • Integration and support for non-ININ data sources
  • Integration of operational, enterprise and CRM data
  • Ability to view active calls across all queues
  • Customizable report views
  • Custom KPI calculations and analytics
  • Multiple dashboard and wallboard options
  • Real-time drill-down and roll-up functionality
  • Agent data views
  • Enhanced threshold setting for real-time metrics
  • Email and text alerting with custom message building
  • Roles-based access


Inova LightLink software communicates with CIC 4.0 directly via the Interaction Center Extension Library (IceLib) using a standard TCP/IP connection or through the Interaction Marquee 4.0 application to visualize workgroup, queue and agent data. Connections are made to CIC 3.0 through a Client Com or Marquee Interface as well as a standard TCP/IP connection for workgroup and queue data. With either platform, LightLink can further analyze out-of-the-box Interactive Intelligence metrics, mathematically derive new fields from standard ININ fields or integrate other operational KPIs to create a range of new possibilities for real-time and historical reporting.

Inova Solutions Customer Statistic

88% of Inova customers agreed with the following statement:

My contact center delivers better customer service because I can define, consolidate, and present key performance indicators in real time with the Inova solution.

Source: Survey of 162 users of Inova Solutions