Cisco Team Wallboards and Dashboards

Inova Solutions, a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner, works closely with Cisco to provide enhanced, ‘Cisco Compatible’ real-time reporting solutions that deliver critical metrics to your team via customized views for wallboards, dashboards and mobile devices. Our real-time performance management solutions connect seamlessly with Cisco contact center platforms, including Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (Unified CCX) for midsize call centers and Unified Contact Center Enterprise (Unified CCE) for large call centers, as well as the packaged reporting application, Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC).

Cisco reporting with Inova Solutions dashboards and wallboards

Inova real-time performance management solutions provide consolidated reporting across multiple systems through customized wallboards and readerboards, multimedia digital displays, web-based dashboards and desktop applications. Specific benefits that enhance the reporting capabilities of the Cisco Unified platforms include:


  • Integration and support for non-Cisco data sources
  • Integration of operational, enterprise and CRM data
  • Support for Nexus On-Demand and Cisco DMS platforms
  • Customizable report views
  • Custom KPI calculations and analytics
  • Multiple display options
  • Mobile, tablet-based dashboards (iOS or Android)
  • Real-time, drill-down and roll-up functionality
  • Agent data views
  • Enhanced threshold setting
  • Email and text alerting with custom message building
  • Roles-based access

Create a real-time reporting infrastructure with Inova LightLink

Inova interfaces with both your operational databases and your Cisco Unified Contact Center platform via LightLink, our powerful software that provides a real-time infrastructure for capturing, analyzing and communicating information throughout your contact center and enterprise.

LightLink software interfaces with Cisco Unified CCX and Unified CCE via ODBC (Open Database Connectivity). With Unified CCX, LightLink retrieves data from the CRA database, which provides access to real-time data tables. With Unified CCE, LightLink connects to an SQL Server database to access real-time and historical data. With either platform, LightLink can further analyze out-of-the-box Cisco metrics, mathematically derive new fields from standard Cisco fields or integrate other operational KPIs to create whole new possibilities for real-time and historical reporting.

Inova Solutions Customer Statistic

84% of surveyed Inova customers improved their service level following the deployment of their Inova solution.

Source: Survey of 133 users of Inova Solutions