Avaya Certified Wallboards and Dashboards

Inova Solutions is a certified Avaya partner with offerings that greatly enhance the real-time reporting capabilities of the Avaya Aura Contact Center and Avaya Elite Call Center platforms (including the Avaya CMS and Avaya IQ). As a longstanding DevConnect Technology Partner, we work closely with Avaya to maintain integration certifications and ensure complementary offerings.

Custom dashboards and wallboards that bring your Avaya platform to life

Inova Solutions connects seamlessly with Avaya call center platforms to deliver real-time performance metrics on customized contact center wallboards and reader boards, multimedia digital displays, web-based dashboards and desktop applications. Inova signage adds value to Avaya Aura platforms by offering:


  • Consolidated and standardized reporting across Avaya and non-Avaya platforms
  • Integration of operational, enterprise and CRM data
  • More flexible real-time contact center reporting views
  • Multiple display options
  • Mobile, tablet-based dashboards (iOS or Android)
  • Real-time, drill-down and roll-up functionality
  • Custom call center KPI calculations and analytics
  • Agent data views
  • Enhanced and dynamic threshold setting
  • Email and text alerting with custom message building
  • Roles-based access

Software that integrates with Avaya to deliver valuable real-time reporting

Inova Solutions interfaces with Avaya platforms via our powerful LightLink software to provide the real-time infrastructure you need to capture, analyze and communicate valuable metrics to your contact center agents and management. LightLink provides real-time interval and cumulative performance measurement metrics by skill set, agent or application by communicating with Avaya Aura in two ways:

  • By connecting the Real-Time Data (RTD) Application Programming Interface (API) with Avaya Aura Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS) and IVR
  • By connecting to the Avaya CMS using the Avaya Real-Time Socket and Historical Socket

LightLink software helps you go well beyond standard, out-of-the-box Avaya Aura reporting by creating real-time and historical metrics based on:

  • Mathematical combinations of Avaya data (e.g., real-time Service Level and Abandoned Call percentages)
  • Data from other contact center systems and ACDs, CRM platforms, and enterprise and operational databases



Inova Solutions Customer Satisfaction Rating

A System Administrator of a large enterprise health care company said they would be very likely to recommend Inova Solutions for this reason:

Their solution provides thresholds options which a similar product, that our company looked at, did not. It's also easy to use but if i do run into an issue and I have a question, the Inova Support Team responds quickly.

Source: System Administrator, Large Enterprise Health Care Company