Additional Contact Center Data Sources

Inova Solutions maintains certified connections to other major automatic call distribution (ACD) platforms, including Genesys and Aspect, as well as major cloud providers, including Five9.  Whether your contact center runs on a single or multi-vendor platform  or operates in a full cloud or hybrid environment, Inova can deliver a solution that standardizes your real-time reporting and improves the efficiency and performance of your team.

Get quick, ‘full picture’ reporting views on a single wallboard or dashboard

Don’t waste time viewing reports from multiple systems.  Bring your key metrics together in a single view for more relevance and quicker decision making.  Inova’s powerful LightLight software interfaces with leading ACD platforms and other supporting systems in your call center to provide quick, ‘full picture’ views on customized dashboards and wallboards.

Here are a few examples of systems you can connect with, and their common data types, to provide further consolidated intelligence for your team:

  • Automated Call Distributors (ACD) – Service Level Percent, Average Wait Time and Agent State
  • Workforce Management – Agent Adherence, Occupancy Rate and Forecast Accuracy
  • Quality Monitoring and Recording Average Quality Scores
  • Dialer – Total Revenue Collected by Agent, Live and Right Party Contacts
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – CSAT Survey Scores and Displacement Rates
  • Web Chat and SMS Text – Volume, Quality and Average Handle Time
  • Social Media – Issue Type, Customer Satisfaction and Average Response Time
  • Call Back - Call-backs in queue

Connection Options

Inova LightLink software can collect information from the standard data connectors below as well as from Web services interfaces using Inova Professional Services.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Inova provides pre-built, certified interfaces for supported call center platforms.

Universal Database Data Source

Inova retrieves an extensive array of data from Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)-compliant database systems like the Microsoft SQL server, Oracle and Access. The Universal Database Data Source can also import the contents of flat CSV (comma separated value) files.

Internet News RSS/XML

Inova retrieves information from Internet sources such as news, weather and financial feeds. In many cases, our systems can also be used to read formatted data from back-end systems such as ACDs, workforce management software or quality monitoring software.

TCP/IP Record Streams

Also referred to as ‘socket’ connections, these streams can be configured to connect to streaming record sets of data. This is useful when interfacing with legacy systems that may have once used serial ports, but have been converted to use Local Area Networks.

Inova Solutions Customer Statistic

88% of Inova customers agreed with the following statement:

My contact center delivers better customer service because I can define, consolidate, and present key performance indicators in real time with the Inova solution.

Source: Survey of 162 users of Inova Solutions