Contact Center Case Studies

Inova Solutions Contact Center Digital Signage and Marquee Desktop applications keep company representatives fully aware of their performance levels and Salesforce case status, leading to improved responsiveness, positive and informed behaviors, and better workload balance.

Inova Performance Tracker web-based dashboards enhance the Cisco value proposition and keep all employees informed, enabling swift response to customer demand. 

Inova real-time performance management solutions helps an innovative energy and communications company serve more customers and consistently meet high customer service standards.

Inova LightLink software enables a top US University to provide seamless real-time reporting of key KPIs across multiple call center platforms. 

An Inova real-time performance management solution keeps in-house and remote CSRs in a large US communications call center aware of realtime conditions in order to improve customer service.  The initial Inova solution standardized data across multiple vendors’ systems and easily migrated to the going forward Avaya platform.

Inova Solutions Customer Statistic

84% of surveyed Inova customers improved their service level following the deployment of their Inova solution.

Source: Survey of 133 users of Inova Solutions