Support Partners

Inova partners with best-in-class providers to deliver superior solutions and services. Strategic support partners include Four Winds Interactive and Service Agility.


Four Winds Interactive

Inova partners with Four Winds Interactive to provide our customers with crystal clear, highly engaging multimedia digital displays for delivering critical contact center metrics and other important information. This partnership allows us to offer 'best in breed' digital signage outside the contact center as well. Our enterprise digital signage solutions include corporate communications, supply chain tracking & productivity, way-finding, interactive kiosks and more.



Service Agility

Inova Solutions partners with Service Agility to perform our on-site, full-day, Real-Time Performance Management Assessments. These in-depth reporting assessments provide our contact center clients with valuable insights on improving performance and customer satisfaction levels through the use of actionable, real-time metrics.


Inova Solutions Customer Statistic

88% of Inova customers agreed with the following statement:

My contact center delivers better customer service because I can define, consolidate, and present key performance indicators in real time with the Inova solution.

Source: Survey of 162 users of Inova Solutions