Inova OnCourse Training

As with all technical, software-based solutions, Inova real-time contact center reporting solutions perform best when you have a full command of their functionality and administration. Inova Solutions helps you fully leverage your real-time reporting investment by providing training services when your system is first installed or when new personnel assume responsibility.

Inova OnCourse training helps both new and experienced users discover the best ways to make use of LightLink call center reporting software. You can opt for online training at your own pace or a customized onsite training delivered by an Inova instructor.

Online self-paced training

With a valid Inova Service Agreement (ISA), you’re able to utilize our online training modules. These can be used as a foundation for new users preparing for an upcoming training or as a way for experienced users to refresh and discover unused functionality.

Onsite instructor-led training

Custom on-site training helps new users develop a core understanding of LightLink software and helps experienced users take on more advanced tasks. Having an experienced instructor onsite is an ideal way to learn about system navigation and advanced features. Our training curriculum takes a tiered approach to the learning experience to help your team gain confidence in the system right away. All attendees receive a customized training workbook and other training documentation. Contact your Inova representative for more information.

Inova Solutions Customer Statistic

88% of Inova customers agreed with the following statement:

My contact center delivers better customer service because I can define, consolidate, and present key performance indicators in real time with the Inova solution.

Source: Survey of 162 users of Inova Solutions