What technical questions should you consider when implementing contact center digital signs, wallboards and dashboards?

Posted: 03/26/2015 - 12:59 | Inova Solutions

Your call center has decided to investigate implementing a real-time performance management (RTPM) solution to increase service level and improve agent morale.You’re looking at digital signage, wallboard and dashboard options, considering vendors and wondering which technical questions you should ask to determine the best fit.  Inova Solutions has designed and implemented real-time performance management solutions at over 2,000 contact center sites and we recommend you begin with these up-front questions.

What business goals will my contact center performance management system support?  You must first and foremost understand the overall goals for your digital signage, wallboard and dashboard solution, including how the system will serve your overall organizational mission.Knowing this can help you identify the specifications of the system that will best suit your needs. Inova has worked with industry experts to publish several white papers on the subject of contact center performance managment. The image below is an example the types of data that can be displayed on collections call center wallboard.


How will the digital signs, wallboards and dashboards integrate with my current systems?  For this, you will need to know which systems you'll be pulling data from.  Is it just the ACD?  Or will it connect to other contact center platforms, such a separate workforce management, call back or dialer system?  Will you be pulling data from your CRM or other enterprise systems?  Each of these systems will have varying connection options and technical considerations.  Given this, you’ll want to be sure your performance management solution is compatible or certified with your particular operating systems.  At this stage, you’ll also want to consider cloud, premise and hybrid models and determine how each of these align to your long-term architecture road map and network security policies.

What is the long-term maintenance and management plan for the performance management solution?   You’ll want to ensure your contact center digital signs, wallboards and dashboards continue to perform optimally throughout their life span.  Prior to implementation, you should consider service agreements and maintenance needs; post-implementation, you will need to have a plan for how the system will be managed. 

Check back often, as we add additional articles to delve into more detail on each of these three technical considerations for implementing a contact center wallboard solution.  Your consideration of the technical questions will ultimately lead to the best possible integration of displays into your contact center.  

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