What are the best tools for the call center?

Posted: 11/27/2017 - 11:06 | Inova Solutions

Here’s a vote for reporting the state of incoming phone interactions in real time. Any call center supervisor would welcome better visibility into the current state of the calls in the phone distributor, or ACD. Knowing at any given time how many calls are on hold, how long the oldest call waiting has been on hold, what the average speed to answer a call is, or which queue or skill group has the most calls backed up gives the center supervisor(s) the ability to make informed decisions and take immediate action to improve the customer experience.

This data can be presented on the desktop in a simple, easy to read grid with just a few relevant numbers, or it can be shown on a wallboard (these days typically an LCD screen mounted to the wall). The views can be configured to alert the center supervisors when there are issues demanding attention.

Just as critical as presenting the data in an easy to digest format is presenting it in a timely manner. Real-time data displays typically present call statistics with a 3-5 second refresh rate. This gives the supervisory team the ability to take corrective action before callers hang up in frustration and customer satisfaction levels drop.

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