Tips for Using Real-Time Contact Center Dashboards

Posted: 03/06/2015 - 09:57 | Inova Solutions
Contact Center Manager Dashboard


Contact Center Pipeline published an article with ten tips for using real-time dashboards.  The author, Chrissy Cowell, draws an excellent analogy between a basketball game with no scoreboard and a contact center with no dashboard: “everything…is a lot more fun – and productive – when everyone can see the up-to-the-minute score.”

The dashboards available for today’s contact center provide real-time data for the entire “team.”  Among the tips that Cowell includes for contact center supervisors who manage the dashboard views is to use goals that are both specific and measurable to help keep employees focused on achievable results.  Make these goals highly visible by using real-time graphics tied to your metrics.  You should also ensure that supervisors can view their team members’ performance so they can provide specific coaching on the fly.  Make sure managers can see “opportunities or hot spots across the business based on real-time activity.”

Taking the time to fully utilize your contact center dashboard can lead to “dramatic business benefits for companies who can provide real-time feedback to agents, supervisors, and managers.”

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