Starting with Simplicity to Manage Contact Center Performance Data

Posted: 02/25/2014 - 00:00 | Inova Solutions

Justin Robbins recently published an article ICMI, “Fine Tuning Your Contact Center Through the Use of Innovative Metrics.”  In the article, Robbins first sums up what many of us already know:  “metrics are everywhere,” with “more data than we know what do with and the mounting desire to throw our hands up in defeat.”  This massive amount of data accumulates and overwhelms contact managers so quickly that it can be nearly impossible to find ways to effectively analyze any of the information, let alone capitalize on any actionable items from the results.

Robbins suggests that the best way to use data to drive improvement is to take a step back and start with simplicity.  As a first cut, managers must cull the “must measures” away from the “waste and excess.”  He suggests several specific metrics as absolute essentials; identifying what metrics are critical for your specific contact center is an important first step to managing data.

After you’ve identified your critical data, the next best step is to match each metric with the appropriate stakeholder.  “Not everything we measure matters to everyone and certain metrics matter in different ways to different individuals.”  When you communicate metrics to specific stakeholders, you will be most effective when you share why that data is important to them and how it impacts their role within your greater organization.  Robbins argues that there is really no point in sharing a metric with someone who can’t make an impact on that data point.

Robbins final step into managing data is to identify the specifics of success.  Unfortunately, this is not as simple as just identifying an acceptable percentage or quota; you must match the data with the larger organizational goal, the behaviors that help to achieve that goal, and the employee supports that encourage those behaviors. 

Ultimately, the key to successful data management is not only in identifying the appropriate metrics to measure for your contact center but also in finding actionable ways to utilize that data in support of overall organizational goals. 

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