Putting the Customer First: Using Real-Time Contact Center Metrics to Achieve Your Goals

Posted: 10/16/2013 - 00:00 | Inova Solutions

Almost every contact center leader analyzes the rich data coming from their Avaya Aura system in order to improve the effectiveness of their agents, better determine trends, accurately schedule their workforce, lower costs and drive additional revenues. A good deal of the information used is based on historical data from previous intervals (ex. day/month/year) for planning purposes, and in terms of their ability to predict things like agent shrinkage and call volumes.  However, that data doesn’t necessarily translate well when it comes to identifying and addressing the issues that arise during the course of a day in a contact center.

Today, best-in-class contact centers understand that delivering a consistently satisfying experience for their customers is a key differentiator. To help achieve their customer satisfaction goals they are complimenting their historical data with real-time metrics, which allows them to quickly identify and address potential problems before they lead to negative customer experiences.

Integrating real-time metrics into your performance management processes takes planning and a solid understanding of your organization’s goals.  Using the wrong performance metrics can not only conflict with your goals, but actually drive unwanted behavior. To ensure the desired results are achieved Inova Solutions recommends the following process when implementing a real-time performance management solution:

  • First, determine what results you’re trying to achieve: improved customer service levels, or increase sales or conversion rates, or lower cost per call.
  • Next, determine what metrics are available and how they align to those goals.  Common metrics from an ACD or reporting applications, such as Avaya Aura Contact Center or the Avaya Call Management System are good places to start. Inova Solutions can aggregate those metrics across multiple platforms and sites and customize the out-of-the box options to best meet your needs. With an Inova real-time solution you can also pull in and manipulate data from other non-contact center sources, such as sales databases, or operational systems. Whatever platforms you use, give careful consideration to leveraging more customer centric metrics such as CSAT, Calls Waiting or Schedule Adherence versus Average Handle Time (AHT) or Average Speed of Answer (ASA).
  • When determining what metrics are available, you’ll also want to consider who you’ll be sharing them with.  Inova will help you determine what metrics are most impactful for managers, supervisors, individual agents, or groups of agents and how best to present them. Inova supports each audience with presentation choices ranging from customizable mobile dashboards, multimedia digital signage and desktop applications.
  • Finally, once you’ve determined what metrics you’ll be sharing with whom, you’ll want to establish threshold levels and response strategies. Inova Solutions can help you determine when you should react to an out-of-compliance metric, create instructional messaging and determine follow-up strategies.

With the right real-time metrics and tools, your contact center team will be aware of ‘in-moment’ customer service issues and be able to respond to them more appropriately, accurately and quickly – ensuring you meet your customer service goals. Inova Solutions offers a Real-Time Performance Analysis Service to help you identify the right metrics and show you how to transform the data into usable, actionable information to improve the performance of your contact center and staff. Learn More.

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