The March from Contact Center Data to Customer Service Knowledge

Posted: 04/22/2014 - 00:00 | Inova Solutions

There is a lot of talk about big data and metrics in all industries today, and the contact center world is no exception.  An article in the April 2014 CRM Magazine highlighted one of the weaknesses of this new push for more data:  “our view of data often doesn’t extend further than numbers.”  In the article, “Data Versus Knowledge,” Denis Pombriant writes that the numbers we often think of as data are quantitative, which is only one type of data.  He cites a wide variety of other examples of data such as shoe size, time of day, delivery date, and a course letter grade; these data types are less conducive to typical analysis.

Pombriant writes of a hierarchy:  data > information > knowledge.  “We don’t act on data, we act on information, and we only act on information when it creates knowledge in our minds that enables us to make informed decisions.”  With all of the discussion about big data, we can forget that the data is not the ultimate goal.  The data is just a means to the end, which is to combine and manipulate that data into new information which will then lead to useful knowledge.  Combining call center data in new ways, and combining it with existing knowledge, can lead to new perspective and useful insight.

As an example, think of the multiple data points of a customer who called a particular number.  You have the number called, call duration, and other basic metrics.  You can combine those with data about how many other times that customer has called and the metrics associated with those calls; from here you can start to gather information about particular customer experiences.  Now, if you have a customer profile it might also include the customer’s job title, geographic location, and more.  If you combine all of your data, you’ll have more information about the customer, which can lead to knowledge about the customer’s expected buying patterns, potential professional objectives, and more.

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