Making Contact Center Data Fun

Posted: 01/03/2014 - 00:00 | Inova Solutions

Can it be possible to make big data fun for both supervisors and front line agents?  Klie argues in the affirmative in his January 2014 article in Contact Center Pipeline, “Gamification Comes to the Contact Center.”  As is likely obvious to our readers, a singular intense focus on contact center metrics can lead to employee burnout and a lack of motivation; disengaged employees in a contact center can then develop into a multitude of additional challenges including reduced customer satisfaction.

Klie details a new trend in contact centers: gamification.  This trend allows for the application of principles from video games to the contact center itself.  Think “virtual challenges, contests, and quests for the purpose or racking up points, advancing to higher levels, or earning rewards.”  Adding an element of fun can re-engage your employees and create a new enthusiasm and excitement for their jobs.  Klie writes that the gamification trend is particularly relevant for a contact center; with contact center agents often acting as the voice of the company, it is particularly important to have “happy employees that have the right training and tools to help customers [which will] lead directly to a positive customer experience and improved financial performance.”  A key for integration of gamification in the contact center is the potential for integration with existing data.  Since contact centers already gather vast amounts of data, sometimes it can be as simple as correlating KPIs with game-like parameters. 

Even if you cannot fully implement a gamification platform at your contact center, consider ways that you can use the basic theory to make your effort to improve performance more fun.  Possibilities include a variety of “badges” for incremental improvements in your key metrics, rewards for completion of training “quests,” or opportunities to “level up” for a series of improvements in a specific focus area.   At the end of the day, if you can find a way to add an element of fun to your contact center data with some element of game play, you may find that you have more enthusiastic employees interacting with your customers. 

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