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Creating a new global Contact Center and Digital Engagement powerhouse.

We are thrilled to announce that we have been acquired by UK company Geomant. In this blog we’ll walk you through the ins and outs; why we made this decision, what our aims are, and what it means for Inova and Geomant customers.

First, let’s tell you a little bit about Geomant:

Geomant is a specialist Systems Integrator focusing on contact center and digital engagement solutions, headquartered in the UK, with offices across Europe and in Australia. Geomant specializes in Avaya and Microsoft Unified Communications platforms, and also offers a unique cloud customer interaction solution – Buzzeasy

And just in case you don’t already know… Inova Solutions is a privately held organization with a 35-year history of providing solutions to contact centers worldwide. A pioneer in digital wallboards, we’ve extended our offering over the years to become a global provider of real-time performance management and visual communication solutions.

There’s a lot of synergy between Inova and Geomant and that’s one of the reasons we decided to go ahead with the acquisition. We both have extensive Avaya heritage and Avaya DevConnect solutions in our portfolios, and we both offer solutions for medium and large organizations that provide short-term ROI and demonstrable customer experience improvements.  As a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner, Inova brings added platform expertise to the Geomant portfolio.

The added kicker is that we already have a long-standing successful relationship, having partnered for the last 10 years. This means we already know there is a great cultural match between our organizations.

So, what’s our aim with the acquisition? What do we hope to achieve (apart from world domination, obviously!)?

We want to be part of a new global Contact Center and Digital Engagement powerhouse, we want to combine forces to accelerate our growth, but mainly, we want to offer our customers unparalleled service and opportunity. We believe that by joining forces with Geomant, we are more than capable of doing this. Here’s a quote from Geomant’s CEO:

“Geomant’s approach has always been to understand customer needs, analyze the benefits of innovative and emerging technologies, and deliver affordable solutions that bring real business benefit. In working with Inova over the last ten years, we have seen a commonality of approach, which means customers of both organizations can be confident that the service they receive from us will be even better, as we combine forces”. Ákos Vécsei, CEO, Geomant.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty; What does it mean for our customers?

Actually, the better question is what does it mean for YOUR customers? It means better engagement. Whether your customers are on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, the web, SMS, or even WhatsApp, they want to connect with you as easily as they connect with their friends. And you want to respond with a personalized customer experience – but in a cost-effective manner. That’s one of the opportunities that Geomant brings to the table through the Geomant solution portfolio.

Inova customers will benefit from this extended portfolio, particularly in cloud-based customer engagement solutions. Customers will have access to a wide range of digital and social media channel management tools, AI-powered solutions, and even an off the shelf CRM-to-contact center integration solution, Desktop Connect. What’s more, Geomant has worked with the Microsoft Unified Communications (Skype for Business and Teams) portfolio for years and these capabilities will now be extended to us.

We’ve also confirmed plans for Geomant to invest in, and further extend, the functionality of our LightLink based real-time data reporting products, integrating them with the Geomant solution portfolio. The combination of Inova and Geomant solutions will enable customers to benefit from new digital channels in an incremental, cost-effective way while retaining the benefit of previous technology investments.

And finally, combining forces means we’re able to extend our delivery capabilities for our worldwide customers, significantly extending our reach in Europe and Australia and strengthening our technical skills.

Before we finish, let’s look specifically about what this means for us from a business and brand perspective.

Our name and brand will not change, we will be known as “Inova Solutions – a Geomant company”. Our headquarters will remain in Virginia. Your current license and support agreements will stay in place, as will the Inova team in both Customer Support and Account Management that you’ve come to know.

We are incredibly excited about the opportunities this acquisition brings Inova and Geomant, and we look forward to working together towards our shared goal of providing the ultimate in customer engagement solutions for our customers worldwide.

If you’d like more information about this transaction, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to schedule a system review to discuss how our expanded portfolio can benefit your organization.

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