Digital Transformation: Redefining Call Center Services

Posted: 01/03/2020 - 03:59 | Andra Tempe

In a recent Forbes article, Don't Neglect Your Contact Center in the Midst of Digital Transformation, Alok Kulkarni argues that call centers must not take a back seat as companies undergo digital transformations.  He writes “when it comes to transforming CX [customer experience], there’s certainly digital inspiration…[but often] an ‘enthusiasm imbalance.’  He cautions leaders not to lose focus on the still-critical contact center.   

Kulkarni includes several strong arguments for continued support of the call center.  Steady inbound call volumes mean that customers still utilize this service, and your contact center is often “your first chance to make a strong initial impression” with a customer.  Inbound calls offer “higher-value interactions” and an opportunity to deliver “a great customer experience.”  

If your company is considering, or in the midst of, a digital transformation Kulkarni offers several key considerations for integrating your call center in that effort:  call center infrastructure, ongoing agent training, and a testing and monitoring system to prevent customer experience errors and provide notifications for possible issues.  An effective data monitoring and digital signage system, such as products offered by Inova Solutions, can help you address each of these considerations to ensure that your contact center remains an integral part of your company through the digital transformation process.   

Kulkarni writes about the common customer frustration of being asked to repeat identifying information (e.g., account number, name, address) multiple times during a call.  Inova offers solutions to address this challenge to make sure that your customer profile from Salesforce populates when the call connects, allowing the agent to address the client by name and immediately see relevant information.   In addition, with products from Geomant, Inova can support effortless customer interactions, allowing your caller to flow seamlessly among your digital channels and escalate to voice at any point.  You can start with the platform your call center currently uses and augment the system with chat, email, queue call back, and even new channels such as Facebook Messenger and Twitter.   

A digital transformation offers a great time to reevaluate the use of metrics in your call center.  Do you have key metrics to monitor contact center performance?  Do your managers and agents have an easy way to view those metrics, whether it’s a mobile app, desktop notifications, or highly visible wallboards?  Effective use of data supports agent growth and development as well as the overall performance of your call center.  Real-time metrics can be a key element to ongoing training for both call center managers and agents.  Once everyone understands the contact center goals and associated metrics, training can focus on relevant strategies for success.  Wallboards and desktop displays allow agents to directly correlate performance with metrics and provide an opportunity for managers to provide immediate feedback.  While data and the associated display methods are helpful tools for agent training and development, your metrics and digital signage can really shine when helping you test and monitor your contact center performance.  You can create a system to provide notifications when certain thresholds, such as call volume, are met.  Your managers and agents can be fully engaged in the fluctuations of the contact center with the ability to receive desktop and mobile notifications, audible cues, and wallboard messages.   

Use the opportunity of the transformation to evaluate your contact center management system, service goals, and associated metrics.  If your call center remains a priority throughout the digital transformation process, your company will ultimately benefit from the superior customer service your agents will be able to provide.