Customer Service Case Study: Cox Communications

Posted: 12/11/2014 - 11:46 | Inova Solutions

These real world applications demonstrate implementations of Inova products and solutions, and are a helpful tool for considering new ways to look at your own business.

Cox Communications is one of the largest cable entertainment and broadband services providers in the US.  With over 22,000 employees serving more than six million customers, the company’s CSRs are expected to fill a variety of roles.  The 4,200 CSRs include remote agents as well as agents who work from the 20 customer service centers located in nine regions.

Cox Communications began providing key real-time metrics to agents and center managers about ten years ago to allow them to “react quickly…and to improve responsiveness,” according to Monterio Woodson, the director of Customer Management Systems.  By utilizing Inova LightLink, real-time metrics are retrieved from the ACD system and then shared with employees using Inova OnAlert display systems.  Additionally, Cox Communications has leveraged Inova Desktop Marquee to communicate real-time metrics to remote CSRs. 

Overall, Cox has found that the Inova product suite has allowed them to keep center managers and CSRs better informed, encouraged agent accountability, reduced customer wait times, and improved the overall customer experience.

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