Contact Center Case Study;

Posted: 11/19/2014 - 15:29 | Inova Solutions, an online retailer of building supplies, caters to do-it-yourselfers, homeowners, and building contractors.  Of its 370 employees, 150 of them man the single contact center that fields approximately 200,000 calls each month, over half of which come from new customers. does not focus on typical contact center metrics, instead encouraging “agents to spend as much time as necessary to serve customer needs and build relationships.”  With that in mind, they needed a solution that could communicate metrics to foster self-management, effective management, and customer service.

"Now I can be anywhere on the floor and see exactly what is going on.
I have visibility into the summary data, certainly, but I can also see real-time
team-by-team data and even the status of individual agents on those teams."

                                                  - Dave Isherwood, Director of Sales,

The solution was installation of Inova Performance Tracker web-based dashboards, displayed on six large HD monitors to keeps all employees informed.  This enabled swift response to customer demand by providing customized and comprehensive views of contact center operations.  The six wallboards display key performance indicators (KPIs) for its nine teams, and the customizable colors, columns and graphical displays make it easy to determine center performance at a glance.  Agents are now free to structure their time to meet their responsibilities, knowing exactly the status of the operation without supervisor intervention.

For a company like that prizes customer service over almost every other virtue, Inova real-time performance management solutions are key element for encouraging self-management and fostering an environment that allows agents to deliver consistently positive customer experiences.

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