Contact Center Callback Services Are Improving Customer Service

Posted: 07/10/2014 - 00:00 | Mari

We’ve all been there:  you carve out a few minutes of your day to take care of phone calls and find yourself impatiently drumming your fingers on your desk, waiting for the hold music to stop and a real person to pick up.  Craig Borowski of Software Advice recently published “You Need to Offer Callback – Here are 3 Ways to Get It;” the articles outlines the reasons that companies should consider this technology and some of the best ways it can be integrated.

Borowski first outlines the survey data that indicates why contact centers should consider callback technology:

  • 63% of respondents prefer a callback option instead of waiting on hold. 
  • 52% of respondents would wait five minutes before choosing a callback option, but nearly 30% of respondents they would prefer a callback over spending any amount of time on hold.
  • 43% of respondents expect a callback from the company within 30 minutes, and over 25% said that it didn’t matter when the call was returned. 

With respondents indicating interest in receiving callbacks, this technology seems to be a viable option for improving customer satisfaction as well as improving standard contact center metrics such as average hold time and longest call waiting. Borowski outlines three potential ways to integrate the technology:

1. As an integratable platform – An example of this integration is an intelligent callback system.

WIth an intelligent callback system callers can enter a virtual queue and receive their callback as soon as they reach the front of the queue. Alternatively, callers can choose to schedule a callback at a time they specify, ensuring it will fit into their schedule. 

2. As a web or mobile app – The example cited in the article is through FastCustomer.

“FastCustomer’s callback is unique in that it requires a customer to know about the service before they make the call. The process begins when a customer searches for the name of a company on the FastCustomer website or from their Android or iPhone app.”  The customer can view the estimated wait time, click a button to choose a call back, and then allow the app to navigate the IVR.  Once an agent picks up, FastCustomer calls the customer and bridges the two calls.

3. With a new phone service – If an integratable platform or web/mobile app aren’t suitable options, then a company can start with a new phone system altogether.  With multiple VoIP solutions that offer callback technology, this could potentially be the best solution.

With callback emerging as a growing technology to help eliminate the frustration of long hold times, callback technology offers an alternate solution for companies looking to increase customer satisfaction and call center productivity. Of course, Inova can help you easily monitor callback queue on your digital wallboards or dashboards.

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