"Analytics Everywhere" - contact center data visualization and discovery tools

Posted: 03/11/2014 - 00:00 | Inova Solutions

“Analytics everywhere,”
a type of big data analytics solution that
makes mountains of insight
available across the entire enterprise.

That probably sounds like a dream come true to most of us!  In the March 2014 issue of CRM Magazine, Leonard Klie expands on this idea of analytics everywhere.  The article, “Big Data Prompts ‘Analytics Everywhere’ Solutions,” highlights the well-known challenge that much of the big data solutions target a small group of employees rather than the larger number of employees in business areas who can apply and use the metrics to change behavior.

Klie writes that data visualization and data discovery tools will be big drivers of analytics and that “generating business value from innovation, optimization, and insights are a function or the analytic culture within an organization.”  Rather than seeing your call center metrics as a massive pile of numbers, how can you make them more accessible to the employees who can use the data to make real changes in performance?  For example:

  • Identify the key metrics and create visually-appealing ways to display the information to a large audience.  Your digital signage and desktop applications are useful tools only inasmuch as people actually tune into the information.  Avoid text heavy displays and choose only the critical information that people need to know
  • Consider using your digital signage to display charts, grids, or other data visualizations.  Many people find graphics easier to understand, especially at a quick glance.
  • Work with your contact center managers to find ways to create action messages based on pre-identified thresholds.  That way, no one is poring over historical data; instead, real-time information can be used to prompt immediate action by agents.

Don’t allow your big data to be locked away and accessible only to a select few.  Instead, use the hardware you have at your contact center to maximize the availability of the metrics to ultimately change behavior and improve performance!

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