Aimed at Improving the Customer Experience: Contact Center 2014 Trends

Posted: 01/24/2014 - 00:00 | Inova Solutions

I previously posted about contract center trends that we might expect to see in 2014.  In the January 2014 issue of The Real-Time Contact Center Newsletter, Donna Fluss takes a slightly different approach to anticipated trends, stating them in terms of goals for the upcoming year.  In the article, “Enterprise Servicing Goals for 2014,” Fluss writes that “many of the goals are similar to those in prior years, however, the priorities have changed, and there are new ‘twists’ that are being enabled by a more open, creative and flexible view of the role of contact centers.”

Her eight goals provide a solid foundation for action in the contact center, both in customer-facing and internal decisions.  It is difficult to draw a solid line in the sand to differentiate between decisions that are customer-facing and those that are internal, since the two are so closely tied. 

Fluss’ Enterprise Servicing Goals


Customer-facing goals: 

1.   Improving customer service

2.   Improving the customer journey

3.   Resolving inquiries during initial contact

4.   Retaining customers

With the evolving technologies available both to contact centers and customers, the customer experience has become even more critical.  Customers now have tools that allow them to compare service and product offerings, and social media gives them leverage to make “a small issue can go viral.”  Contact centers can now leverage “tools to measure every touch and action taken by prospects and customers.”  Executives are now starting to follow through and deliver on promises to acquire and retain customers, through a real commitment to customer service and the overall customer journey. 

Internal goals:

1.   Reducing operating costs

2.   Complying with regulatory requirements

3.   Avoiding social media firestorms

4.   Increasing sales and collections


“Executives want their contact centers to pick up the slack and become major players in generating revenue.”  As part of that effort, there must be a focus on efforts that “improve service while reducing operating expenses.”  With customers who have social media tools at their fingertips, it is critical for companies to find ways to maintain positive customer relationships and to manage social media outlets.  And, of course, companies must always aim to remain in compliance with government regulations!

Fluss believes that this will be a year of technology investments aimed at improving the customer experience.  For more details, hop on over to Fluss’ article online!

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