How to develop a plan for using real-time metrics in the call center

Call centers create an abundance of data which can be used to measure performance and track customer satisfaction. These three steps will help you use the real-time data available from your contact center effectively and reach your performance goals.

Using metrics to motivate contact center agents

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The metrics that your call center generates are important for several reasons. They give you an insightful snapshot of the volumes and challenges your call center is facing in the moment, allowing you to understand real-time performance and to adjust strategies on the fly. Let's take a closer look at how you can use contact center metrics to motivate agents.

How can you reduce agent attrition in the contact center?

In an era of low unemployment, it's more important than ever to ensure you're taking steps to retain your best contact centre agents. This blog gives you four helpful tips to help you engage and delight your agents so they are less likely to look elsewhere.

4 steps to ensure ‘at home’ agents stay engaged with the call center

Remote work is increasingly becoming the norm in many industries around the world, including contact centers and customer service departments. The benefits are clear and proven for both remote call center agents and the companies they work for. Learn how to keep call center agents engaged and delivering great customer service in our latest blog.

Digital Transformation: Redefining Call Center Services

Customer Experience Management in the Insurance Industry

The UK insurance industry is growing. In 2016, it had over 111,000 direct employees and in 2017 saw tax contributions reach over 72 billion British pounds, the largest contribution of any sector within the country. But with a growing industry comes fierce competition and an increasing number of pressures. In this blog, we cover some general challenges the insurance sector faces and talk specifically about how Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategies and associated technology can help insurers to remain competitive. Here’s a summary of what to expect:


How much does a chatbot cost and where does the value lie for my business?

Over on the Geomant blog, we introduced chatbots as one of the key AI tools in the contact centre. The next question that a business would ask is how they can evaluate whether a chatbot is the right thing for them to start their journey of AI adoption.

In the following blog, we will review in more detail the cost aspect of chatbots and AI applications, and will also discuss and quantify some of the benefits they bring to businesses.

Here’s what the article covers:

Join us at the Avaya Spring Conference in Chicago

The PCC EMEA event is where key specialists within Avaya Business Partner networks and Avaya Subject Matter Experts come together to learn and share ideas about new Avaya solutions, services, tools and processes. The event aims to enable greater collaboration and efficiency with market leading Avaya solutions to deliver outstanding value and benefits to customers.


We are thrilled to announce that we have been acquired by UK company Geomant. In this blog we’ll walk you through the ins and outs; why we made this decision, what our aims are, and what it means for Inova and Geomant customers.

What are the best tools for the call center?

Here’s a vote for reporting the state of incoming phone interactions in real time. Any call center supervisor would welcome better visibility into the current state of the calls in the phone distributor, or ACD. Knowing at any given time how many calls are on hold, how long the oldest call waiting has been on hold, what the average speed to answer a call is, or which queue or skill group has the most calls backed up gives the center supervisor(s) the ability to make informed decisions and take immediate action to improve the customer experience.