Contact Center Real-Time Performance Management

Contact Center real-time performance management solutions from Inova help you to optimize and fully automate your call center's reporting processes by providing customized, actionable metrics that inform, motivate and prepare your staff to respond the moment customer service issues arise.

As a contact center manager, you utilize vast amounts of historical data generated from multiple contact center platforms to identify trends, forecast workforce requirements, predict customer behavior and improve agent productivity. However, despite all of this information and careful planning, you may still find it challenging to provide consistently positive customer experiences throughout the day.

What if you could filter through the “noise” to view only the information that can actually improve your contact center's performance and make it visible in real-time to your agents and supervisors? Unlike historical data, visibility of real-time performance data lets managers, supervisors and agents quickly recognize and address potential customer service issues while they're happening. They can take action when it matters most – while customers are actively engaged; not after they’ve changed providers or shared their negative experiences on social networks.

Real-time contact center performance management

Why real-time performance management?

Inova Solutions real-time performance management for contact centers, delivers real-time, actionable metrics that both inform and motivate your staff, while streamlining and automating your existing reporting processes.  This combination enables you to quickly get important customer service data to the right people, which helps to improve the customer experience…while making your life much easier. At Inova Solutions, we’ll do more than just help you see performance data from your ACD platforms. We’ll work closely with you to: 

  • Identify and integrate key metrics from other contact center and business platforms that have the greatest impact on efficiency and the customer experience
  • Consolidate, standardize and target key performance indicators (KPIs) across locations and systems, including ACDs, Dialers, IVRs, Workforce Management and other enterprise platforms and databases
  • Share vital information via customized digital displays and wallboards, readerboards and dashboards, giving your entire team the ability to get a more complete view of performance at a glance
  • Develop response plans by establishing threshold levels, determining reaction timing and creating instructional messages, as well as setting visual, audio, text and email alerts

Inova real-time performance management solutions are built on Inova LightLink®, our powerful, flexible and open software platform that scales to meet your needs – whether you have ten agents in a single center or hundreds of agents across multiple sites.

Contact Center Reporting


Achieve the goals that are most important to your organization. Inova real-time performance management solutions for contact centers help you and your team:

  • Improve responsiveness and customer experience
  • Boost agent performance and morale
  • Increase revenues
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Streamline real-time call center reporting processes
  • Minimize customer and agent turnover
  • Avoid negative publicity and damaging social posts

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