Built on PoE technology, Inova OnTime IP clocks get their time, data and power from the same network that supports your other IP endpoints. With a single Ethernet cable and no need for electrical outlets, they're easy to install, relocate and maintain. Inova OnTime IP clocks are also reliable and energy−efficient − consuming less power than AC−powered devices. And, each clock receives accurate time from an SNTP time server, so there's no need for a master clock. Configuration and status checks for all clocks can be easily done via telnet or DHCP server options and there are never batteries to replace. The web−based clock management system allows users to monitor clock status from wherever they are and centrally change settings. Inova OnTime IP clocks are available in Digital LED or Analog formats and are assembled in the USA.

Digital Network Clock


OnTime Digital LED IP clocks, available in 4 digit or 6 digit models, clearly display time in four inch high (6 digit second numerals are 3 inches) green or red seven-segment numerals and are visible from over 150 feet. Cabinet finishes are available in a variety of styles, including black, off−white, putty, and brushed stainless steel. Double sided and flush−mount models are also available. To view the specifications, click here.

Analog Network Clock



OnTime Analog IP clocks provide accurate, synchronized time the old−fashioned way via a large format clock face that is visible over 100 feet. These clocks are ideal for K − 12 schools or as a compliment OnTime Digital LED IP clocks. OnTime analog clocks are available in surface or double-sided ceiling or wall mounting options. To view the specifications, click here.

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