Inova OnAlert®

Emergency Notification System for Life Safety

Inova OnAlert

Instant Emergency Notification System with LED Displays

Emergency communication is more important than ever. Inova OnAlert® is a notification system that displays real-time emergency messages on energy-efficient digital signs. Emergency managers at college campuses, government facilities, and office buildings of all sizes have found Inova OnAlert to be a top solution for their visual alerting needs.

Emergency messaging, local news and weather feeds, or a synchronized time and date display allow Inova OnAlert to add value by displaying actionable information throughout a facility in real-time. Visual displays fill an important gap in many buildings' emergency notification strategies by reaching groups in captive spaces and in areas where cell phone use or text messaging may not be permitted. The displays are also effective because instructional information can be quickly and easily relayed on the signs.

Inova LightLink®, powerful middleware from Inova Solutions, securely displays emergency messages, informational messages, or the current date and time on Inova OnAlert LED signs. LightLink allows displays to be grouped so different messages can be sent to individual Inova OnAlert displays, groups of displays, or the entire network of displays. Four message priority levels are included to ensure the most critical message is always displayed. With additional software, LightLink can deliver messages to LCD or plasma screens and computer desktops.

Integrate Inova OnAlert with Your Emergency Notification Provider

Inova OnAlert integrates with virtually every life safety system. This means that a building’s fire panel can automatically trigger messages to appear instantly on Inova OnAlert displays. Critical messages override static, day-to-day messages, such as the time and date, to provide vital information and instruct those in the building to take necessary action. 

Inova OnAlert also integrates with most popular fire panels used on college campuses, including Honeywell, SimplexGrinnell and Fike. Therefore, the fire panel, and in many cases, authorized emergency personnel can trigger an RSS/XML-based message on the Inova OnAlert signs at the same time that he is sending an emergency email or SMS/text message to any notification technology connected to the centralized system. This ability to distribute messages to multiple end-points from one interface saves valuable time during a crisis, when every second counts.

Inova OnAlert Provides Redundancy, Security and Efficiency

Emergency Notification SignsInova OnAlert's secure technology allows only authorized users to send RSS/XML-based messages, ensuring that designated administrators will always have sole control of emergency messages sent to the signs.

Inova OnAlert displays are powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, a network standard that draws both data and power from a single network connection, so no AC outlets are needed. PoE eliminates the need for wall transformers, allows for centralized UPS backup, and is fully compatible with powered and non-powered 10/100BaseT Ethernet devices. Since PoE devices consume significantly less energy than AC-powered devices, they are widely regarded as energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Displays integrating with a life safety system can be powered by 24V DC with PoE serving as a backup. These displays are also energy efficient and provide extra assurance that messages will be relayed as long as possible, no matter what the emergency.

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