Results are the determining factor in measuring business success. This has become abundantly clear in the contact center, as the last few years have seen increasing pressure to deliver high quality service while containing costs and proving a positive return on investment (ROI).

Inova Solutions excels at helping our customers meet these demands, providing cost-effective solutions that deliver measurable call center ROI. Inova customers have experienced:

Productivity Increases:

  • Increase in average calls handled of up to 12%
  • Reduction in average speed of answer of up to 50%
  • Reduction in average handle time of up to 11%

Cost Savings:

  • Staff cost reductions of up to 10%
  • Operating cost reductions of up to 18%

Improved Customer Service:

  • Increase in service level of up to 17%
  • Decrease in abandon rate of up to 60%

Higher Employee Satisfaction:

  • Reduction in absenteeism of up to 9%

Also important are the many intangible benefits that help our customers achieve their call center ROI goals. Among these are:

  • Increased visibility of key metrics at all organizational levels
  • Improved alignment with strategic objectives
  • Enhanced decision-making

Each customer situation is unique, and your results will vary. That's why Inova Solutions' approach includes an assessment of your current environment and your goals, allowing us to work together to implement a solution that delivers the results you need. In most instances, customers experience full call center ROI within six months.

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