Building a Business Case for
Contact Center IT Investment

A "bakers dozen" of insider tips to help managers gain top-level support for contact center technology investments.


Are your contact center systems having trouble keeping up with your business needs? Are you spending too much on manual processes? Are you having trouble managing to the measures you are being held accountable for, like customer satisfaction, key process performance, employee attitude?

Many contact center managers face these challenges. Yet, in these uncertain economic times, the idea of building a business case and gaining management buy-in to make contact center IT investments may seem like a distant dream.

In spite of this, now is an astute time to enhance your contact center IT systems and make real progress on your goals. Why? Bandwidth and processing power are cheaper than ever. Software and implementation prices are at a recent low. And what was until recently considered bleeding-edge technology is now stable and mature.

So how do you build a business case for IT investment that executive management will approve? The answer is to clearly articulate the business benefits for making a change. But this is where most projects fail – a poor business case.

At Inova, we help customers build solid business cases for contact center IT investments every day. From our experiences, we've created this "baker's dozen" of insider tips to guide you in your efforts to build a business case and gain management support for your contact center IT investment.

Business Case Tip #1

Link the business case to the business value.

If you're thinking in terms of how to get a contact center "IT project" funded, you've likely made your first mistake. Although this may be your ultimate aim, the secret to getting the project approved is to think of it not as an IT project but rather in terms of its business value. From there, the business case will emerge. Indeed, without a solid, well-thought-out business case, executive management is unlikely to fund the project.

The most common pitfall is to immediately get caught up in the technical details of a project. But unless the project is couched in terms of reducing costs or increasing revenue, it's not going anywhere with executive management. What's more, the project must show that it has been sufficiently researched to be creditable. How do you go about this? How do you build a business case?

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