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Improve Contact Center Performance with Real-Time Metrics

Real-Time Metrics

A lack of real-time data and guidance is impeding contact center and agent performance. In this white paper from DMG Consulting, you'll learn about the benefits and uses of incorporating real-time data into your processes.






Call Center Performance Metrics: Shaping Tomorrow's Reporting Strategy

LED vs. LCD guide

In this white paper, contact center expert Jay Minnucci discusses call center metrics of the past, present and future and how contact center managers should prepare for more service-oriented metrics. Follow the intuitive charts and tables to learn about the four main categories of metrics: logistical, content, evaluative, and supportive. Use the takeaway chart to begin implementing Jay's advice in your contact center immediately.




"It'd be Great if I Could See it!"
A guide to evaluating LED wallboards and LCD displays for the call center

LED vs. LCD guide

There are many things to consider when evaluating real-time data displays in the call center. LED wallboards have been the call center's workhorse for the past three decades, but LCD digital signage is becoming more and more popular. Find out three key considerations to help you decide what displays will work best for your call center's needs.




Contact Center Best Practices for Online Education Industry

Online Schools Contact Centers

The recent economic downturn has caused many American workers to consider going back to school. This is good news for online schools that cater to non-traditional students. Online schools have noticed a sharp uptake in enrollment and benefit from continuing growth. But with that growth come challenges, and these institutions must adapt if they hope to remain profitable without sacrificing quality of service.




Overcoming the Challenges of Contact Center "Home-Sourcing"

At-home Call Center Agent White Paper

Home-based employees are becoming more common in the contact center arena due to reduced costs, lower turnover and advances in business continuity. However, Inova has found that many contact center supervisors and managers have reservations about the work-at-home agent model. This white paper addresses those concerns and absolves myths about sending agents home.




5 Tips for Contact Center Budgeting

Contact Center Best Practices

The process of creating an annual budget can be time-intensive and frustrating. How should you go about tackling the budget proposal, and pitching it in a way that gets your team the resources they need to be successful? This article offers five tips to get you started.





Executive Guide to Contact Center KPIs

Contact Cener KPI Guide

In a recent study, 94 percent of call center leaders said that the use of KPIs ultimately improve call center performance, but only 43 percent felt that those within their centers had a high level of understanding regarding KPIs. This white paper provides a clear guide to understanding metrics and their role in contact center management, and offers guidelines for developing KPIs that contribute to the achievement of company strategies and goals.



Dashboard Design for Real-Time Situation Awareness

Call Center Dashboard Design

When they are properly designed, dashboards can provide a powerful means to monitor what’s going on in your business at a glance. However, most dashboards live up to only a fraction of their potential. In this useful white paper, author and industry expert Stephen Few discusses how smart dashboard design can promote real-time situational awareness in the call center.




Moving Metrics Into Action

Contact Center Metrics

Contact center technologies provide a tremendous amount of data, and the best organizations are finding new ways to use this information to transform the business. In this white paper, Tim Montgomery discusses how to use metrics as indicators of opportunities to enact positive change.   




Staying Afloat in a Sinking Economy: A Call Center Manager's Survival Guide

Call Center Economy

As the United States faces its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, many call centers are feeling the pinch. In a new white paper, Wendy Hubbard, Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Inova Solutions, addresses ways call center managers can adjust their strategies and tactics to deal with the economic downturn.


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Building a Business Case for Contact Center IT Investment

Business Case for Contact Center IT Investment

It can be difficult to get executive management on board with investments in contact center technology. This white paper offers 13 useful tips for clearly articulating the business benefits of making a change.






Challenges and Opportunities for Contact Centers in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Call Centers

This brief paper discusses how the latest changes and restructuring in the US health care industry affect the way customer service professionals operate contact centers. Read an exerpt from the paper below.

“The customer service arm of the US healthcare industry has struggled to keep pace with rapid growth and change in the sector… As a result, customer service and helpdesk contact centers must cope with new challenges...” Continue reading.

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The Customer Service Gap: Contact Centers in the Public Sector

Government Call Centers

According to the 2008 Contact Center Satisfaction Index, government agencies scored lower than commercial industries in terms of customer satisfaction. How can contact centers in the public sector catch up?

Tom Hubbard, CEO of Inova Solutions, discusses this challenge in a new article called “The Customer Service Gap.” Click on the button below to learn more.

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Moving Beyond the Queue: Focusing on the Real-time Customer

Beyond the Queue: Focus on the Real-time Customer

Forward-thinking companies are developing new ways to refocus themselves on the “real-time” customer. In this insightful white paper, industry expert and popular speaker Tim Montgomery explores new ways every call center can keep up with ever-changing customer demands.

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