"It'd be Great if I Could See it!"

A guide to evaluating LED wallboards and LCD displays for the call center

by Inova Solutions

Executive Summary

This white paper discusses three key considerations for selecting real-time data displays, including: visibility, content flexibility and cost. After weighing these points against their needs, many call center managers find a mix of LED wallboards and LCD displays provides maximum impact of metrics and messages.

Light Emitting Diode, or LED, wallboard displays have been the call center’s workhorse for the past three decades. In the last few years, the trend has moved toward plasma and LCD displays for the glitz and glam they provide. But how do you decide between the bright, tried-and-true LED displays and new, flashy LCD displays? It’s easy to look toward well-designed call center digital signage and let LEDs fall completely off the radar, but that could be a costly mistake. One call center manager found this out the hard way:

Tim, the call center manager at Widget Company, wanted to replace the outdated LED wallboards in his center that were going on ten years old. He was blown away by the beauty of real-time metrics on LCD displays during the demo he watched. Sally, the salesperson for Super Signs, suggested Tim use a combination of LEDs and LCDs so all 50 agents in his center had plenty of visibility. He took a quick look at new LEDs, but decided they weren't flashy enough to impress the management team at Widget Company. After getting approval from his CFO, Tim signed a purchase order for five, 50-inch LCDs and the software to display Widget Company's real-time data. After the LCDs were up and running, Tim invited the management team to the call center to see what a great choice he made in replacing the center's old LED wallboards with new LCD digital signage. The CEO asked an agent in the middle of the call center what he thought of the new displays and the agent replied, "It'd be great if I could see it!"

We put together this guide to help you decide which display technology makes the most sense for your call center. Don't make the same mistake Tim did and forget about the importance of visibility of your real-time data displays.


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