Call Center Software for Metrics Capture, Display and Alerting

Inova LightLink is a powerful software platform that connects you to real-time contact center and operational data and makes it visible and actionable. LightLink interfaces with the leading ACD and call management systems, as well as your own internal databases or Web services; collects, aggregates and calculates the data coming from those systems, and prepares it for display on a variety of display options. LightLink can also pull together disparate and multi-vendor systems across locations to provide an intelligent, unified and real-time view of what's happening in the center and throughout the organization.

Actionable Alerting

LightLink allows you to set thresholds based on business rules and logic that when met or exceed, trigger an alert, such as a message, text, email, color change or audio notification. This capability ensures that you're instantly aware of changing conditions that need your attention.

Flexible, Scalable, Reliable

LightLink’s flexible architecture means you’re not locked into a single or proprietary system and can readily change input or output options.  For example, you can incorporate or change ACD systems (LightLink interfaces with the leading ACD vendor platforms) or easily add display options, such as LCD digital signage, at any time.  And, LightLink pricing is based on the number of agent seats, allowing you to start small and easily add more capacity as you grow.  Lastly, LightLink only requires one connection to each back-end system being monitored, reducing integration costs and simplifying system maintenance.

LightLink contact center software combined with our multiple output options lets you see how your center is performing at any moment – allowing you to react quickly and manage potential problems before they become customer satisfaction issues.   

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