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Inova Solutions has been a leader in call center monitoring solutions for 27 years. Our efficient and sophisticated solutions make call center managers and agents aware of key call center metrics so they may make smart, informed business decisions. Contact us to learn more or browse through our products below.

  • Electronic reader boards - Inova OnTrack® displays call center metrics on cost-effective, bright and highly-visible LED reader boards. Available with revolutionary Power over Ethernet technology, select models of OnTrack offer significant energy cost savings and simplified installation.
  • Call center digital signage - Display call center metrics along with rich, multimedia content such as live video and PowerPoint presentations on large-format LCD screens. Capture the power of digital signage with attention-grabbing graphics and layouts while communicating your real-time call center metrics.
  • Call center dashboards - Inova Performance Tracker® generates sophisticated snapshots of multi-source call center metrics and operational data. Simplify call center managment by spending less time digging through reports and more time coaching agents.
  • Agent desktop applications - Inova Desktop Presenter® displays real-time call center metrics directly on agents' computer desktops. Empower agents to improve their efficiency based on how many calls are in queue, if customers are experiencing unusually long wait times, and other information vital to improving the customer experience.

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