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Enhanced digital signage from Inova Solutions and Four Winds Interactive

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Sophisticated Call Center Digital Signage

Bring the power of digital signage displays to the call center with Inova Solutions, a leader in call center data management, and Four Winds Interactive (FWi), a leading digital signage company. Show real-time operational metrics along with dynamic multimedia content to your agents and managers like never before thanks to a seamless integration between Inova LightLink® and FWi Content Manager. Moving beyond a traditional call center wallboard, call center displays with digital signage use a large format LCD or plasma screen to provide high-impact employee communication designed for the 21st century.

Metrics and Call Center Video – All on One LCD Screen

FWi and LightLink allow you to create, schedule and display media-rich signs throughout your organization more quickly and easily than ever. Showcase your most important call center metrics with colorful charts, gauges and grids alongside pre-recorded or live streaming video. Our flexible software package provides plenty of options for displaying data and messages. Human Resources departments and executive management teams often appreciate the ability to communicate important corporate information with agents while ensuring real-time operational data transparency.

Choose a template from a collection of screen-ready signs, work with our creative services team to design custom signs, or create your own signs using an intuitive interface. The drag-and-drop layout tool enables sign creation and edits in just minutes, and supports 16:9, 15:9, 4:3 and custom aspect ratios to fit any call center display. Advanced scheduling features allow you to schedule signs based on time, or trigger signs when customized data thresholds have been exceeded. The result is complete harmony between your digital signage and your call center's workflow.

Content Manager Express

A lighter option than Four Winds' (FWi's) traditional Content Manager, Content Manager Express (CMX) gives you quick access to manage your signs by providing just the critical functionality you need. Simply connect to the internet and start using CMX wherever is convenient for you.

With the power to add new content to your content library, edit content attributes, add and remove content in a region, and edit content schedules, CMX is an enhancement to any FWi digital signage network. CMX can be used as a standalone digital signage solution or as an enhancement to a full-service system.

Integration with Multiple File Types

FWi Content Manager provides native support for commonly used file types – including Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Microsoft® Excel®, Adobe® Flash and Adobe® PDF files – so you can easily incorporate your exisiting content into your signs. When you make changes to the file, your signs will automatically update saving you time. Having the ability to use content you already have decreases your learning curve and helps you achieve call center ROI more quickly.

Consolidate Reporting from Multiple Data Sources

LightLink integrates with a number of data sources – including ACDs, workforce management systems and even internal databases – to ensure that all your key data can be found in one place and displayed on your digital signage. When agents and managers are aware of real-time call center metrics, they can modify their behavior in order to achieve higher productivity and efficiency.

Enjoy the benefits of a call center wallboard with the pizzazz of an LCD flatscreen display. Check out our digital signage FAQs, learn the many uses of multimedia in digital signage, find out about custom digital signage design services, or contact an Inova Solutions representative today to learn more!

Powered by LightLink

At the core of the call center digital signage system is LightLink, powerful call center software that provides an infrastructure for capturing and communicating real-time information.

LightLink connects to the systems already running in your centers, such as your ACD, CTI and workforce management system, and extracts just the data required to feed your key metrics. LightLink funnels the sea of data generated by your various systems into information that is focused, relevant and actionable.


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