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Track call center performance with Inova Performance Tracker dashboards

A call center dashboard tailored to your needs

Inova Performance Tracker® is a web-based call center dashboard creation service. Performance Tracker dashboards empower contact center professionals to make strategic decisions based on real-time data and adjust their plans as necessary when an unexpected problem arises. Costly problems can be avoided and your center may continue running smoothly.

Performance Tracker consolidates your most relevant metrics from multiple centers and data sources (such as Cisco or Avaya reports) and displays this information on a custom-built web dashboard. Users can quickly access a high-level overview of call center performance metrics, then drill down into areas of interest to learn more. View each call center KPI in as much, or as little, detail as you need. Real-time alerts based on threshold values allow your management team to instantly compare actual performance against goals. This information can be accessed from nearly anywhere, allowing you to convert knowledge into action that will drive your team to higher efficiency.

Performance Tracker integrates with nearly any data source, including ACDs, workforce management systems, and even your own internal databases. With dashboards built on your intranet platform, you can leverage existing resources and minimize the learning curve. Call center KPI data is displayed graphically in the form of call center charts, gauges and grids – so you can get the information you need at a glance.


  • Completely customized to your data reporting needs
  • Provides a unified view of multiple centers and data sources, such as Avaya reports and internal databases
  • Graphically presents your call center KPI data through easy-to-read charts, grids and gauges
  • Built upon your intranet platform, such as Microsoft® SharePoint®
  • Alerts you to potential problems in your center

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Powered by LightLink

At the core of the Performance Tracker system is Inova LightLink®, powerful middleware that provides an infrastructure for capturing and communicating real-time information.

LightLink connects to the systems already running in your centers, such as your ACD, CTI and workforce management system, and extracts just the data required to feed your key call center performance metrics. LightLink funnels the sea of data generated by your various systems into information that is focused, relevant and actionable.


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