Agent Desktop Reporting

Inova Desktop Presenter sends metrics and messages to agents

Agent Desktop Reporting

Deliver Call Center Stats Directly to Agent Desktops

Your call center agents will always be in-the-know with Inova Desktop Presenter® delivering real-time KPIs, alerts and messages to flexible desktop clients. This product is perfect for call center environments where space limitations or workstation layouts make wallboards or other group-oriented displays impractical.

Inova Desktop Presenter gives contact center agents a sense of the real-time environment in which they work — keeping them informed, focusing their efforts and guiding their actions to meet and maintain performance goals.

Inova Desktop Presenter displays call center stats in a variety of formats designed to promote quick comprehension, including:

  • Tables
  • Charts & graphs
  • Message marquees
  • Virtual wallboards

Adding Value and Driving Action

Inova Desktop Presenter follows user-defined business rules to visually alert people to important changes and adherence issues. Instant notification through color changes, threshold driven messages and screen pops prompts immediate action, while the continuous feed of real-time call center stats guides decisions. This combination of greater responsiveness and better decisions translates to increased productivity.

Inova Desktop Presenter is easy to deploy, and is fully configurable with supervisory control over the content, size, location and appearance of each agent desktop client. Directed broadcast and multicast technologies are employed for efficient network use. Inova Desktop Presenter encompasses three applications (described below) that are available individually or in bundles.

Inova Marquee - Virtual call center wallboard

Inova Marquee

A virtual wallboard for the desktop, Marquee mirrors the content of a physical LED wallboard — including font effects, graphics and animations. It is a perfect complement for call centers where physical wallboards are used, but line-of-sight for some agents is limited or obstructed.

Inova DataLink - KPI grid

Inova DataLink

DataLink displays real-time call center stats in a color-coded grid, animated chart or histogram. It responds to user-based thresholds, visually alerting agents to changing call center conditions. It makes a perfect transfer queue "traffic light" for agents (green = transfer, yellow = caution, red = do not transfer), and is a valuable management tool allowing quick side-by-side comparisons of multiple data sets.

Inova TaskLink - call center stats in your reporting taskbar

Inova TaskLink

Inova TaskLink provides a ticker-style presentation of contact center information no larger than the taskbar of a Windows desktop. Its compact size allows agents to receive important data and announcements without impacting other CRM applications or affecting agent availability.

TaskLink runs in a free-floating window that may be sized, placed, and locked anywhere on the screen.

Check out our agent desktop FAQs or contact an Inova Solutions representative today to learn more!

Powered by LightLink

At the core of Desktop Presenter is Inova LightLink™, powerful middleware that provides an infrastructure for capturing and communicating real-time information.

LightLink connects to the systems already running in your centers, such as your ACD, CTI and workforce management system, and extracts just the data required to feed your key metrics. LightLink funnels the sea of data generated by your various systems into information that is focused, relevant and actionable.


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