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Show ACD statistics on Inova OnTrack M Series call center displays

Inova OnTrack M Series Call Center Displays

Communicate Instantly with Call Center Readerboards

Real time communication is essential in call centers, and nothing matches the ability of an electronic reader board to convey vital information instantly. Driven by powerful software, Inova OnTrack collects operational data from multiple sites and sources and prominently displays your key metrics on bright and highly-visible call center displays. When agents and managers are aware of real-time queue statistics, they can modify their behavior in order to achieve higher productivity and efficiency.

OnTrack is an electronic reader board that integrates with a number of data sources – including ACDs, workforce management systems and even internal databases – to ensure that all your key data can be found in one place. Inova’s award-winning software allows you to establish data thresholds that automatically trigger color changes and/or messages, alerting teams within the call center to rapidly changing conditions. This results in more focused efforts to provide optimal customer service.

Energy-efficient Readerboards

The OnTrack call center reader board boasts a new, energy efficient design that uses up to 70% less power than other call center displays on the market, without sacrificing brightness. Lower power consumption means lower operating costs. You could save as much as $85 per display in yearly electricity costs(1).

Highly Visible Displays

The OnTrack M Series electronic reader board features ultra-bright, 3-color LEDs along with an anti-glare coating for optimal indoor viewing. The LED display board is easily readable at distances of 100 feet and beyond, and has a wide viewing angle. LED signs provide broader coverage than plasma or LCD monitors, allowing for greater visibility to the metrics that matter most in your call center.

Easy to Use

An intuitive editing software makes it simple to design and schedule customized messages for your OnTrack readerboards. You can easily organize information to appear anywhere on the display, and choose font, color, motion and effect options. Advanced scheduling capabilities give you full control over where, when and how long the information is displayed in your call center.

Easy to Deploy

The OnTrack call center reader board is constructed with durable yet lightweight materials and offers multiple mounting options, including VESA, for flexibility and ease of installation. It is network-ready and supports DHCP for dynamic IP discovery. Each board can also be remotely configured using Telnet or SSH. Display status can be tracked through Inova Solutions' administrative software, and onboard status lights indicating internal CPU and network activity enable quick troubleshooting.

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Powered by LightLink

At the core of the Inova OnTrack system is Inova LightLink®, powerful middleware that provides an infrastructure for capturing and communicating real-time information.

LightLink connects to the systems already running in your centers, such as your ACD, CTI and workforce management system, and extracts just the data required to feed your key metrics. LightLink funnels the sea of data generated by your various systems into information that is focused, relevant and actionable.


(1) Based on published label wattages of comparable 2-line displays from third party manufacturers. Costs based on 24 x 7 x 365 operation, and calculated using a national average of 7.42 cents per killowatthour.

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