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Inova Solutions knows the power of call center analytics. Our effective hardware and software reporting solutions monitor operational data flowing in and out of your contact center and display key performance indicators on a variety of outputs. When agents and managers are aware of what's happening in the contact center in real time, they may take steps to positively impact operations.

Check out our suite of call center solutions:

  • Inova Solutions' powerful middleware can display call center reporting statistics, such as average speed of answer and abandoned calls, on bright and visible LED wallboards. A staple of any successful contact center, electronic reader boards are easily readable from wide angles and long distances.
  • Inova's call center digital signage software makes it possible to utilize sophisticated graphics, videos, and more to convey important metrics to agents and staff. Utilizing modern LCD or plasma flat screen monitors, digital signage is the next generation of call center reporting.
  • Executives can now access real-time call center analytics and stats on a web-based call center dashboard. Managers can log in to view operational data from multiple call centers and identify potential problems before they turn into costly mistakes.
  • Virtual wallboard applications send the data from LED reader boards directly to agent desktop computers. This is particularly helpful for at-home agents or call centers without a common viewing area for a traditional wallboard or digital signage display.
Committed to Customer Success

"The key advantage of the Inova system is the ability to put everything together –to have one centralized view of the entire environment."
— Citizen's Financial Group

"We've seen some remarkable changes in efficiency and the ease with which we can communicate real-time performance. Inova's contribution to these improvements has been fundamental."
— BlueCross BlueShield

"Inova has an excellent team, with a great focus on the development of new products. Their data communication systems continue to exceed the information application needs of MCI."

Featured Product – Contact Center LCD Displays
call center digital signage

Call Center Signage on LCD Displays

Display your key performance indicators on large-format LCD or plasma screens to provide high-impact communication that creates instant awareness and inspires informed action.

Show operational metrics in real-time to your agents and managers along with dynamic multimedia content thanks to a seamless integration between Inova Lightlink® and Four Winds Interactive (FWi) Content Manager.

Learn More About LED displays in contact centers
Call Center Solutions: Digital Signage

"High impact digital signage from FWi combined with the power of Inova LightLink draws agent attention to vital metrics and messages to help organizations communicate faster and positively impact operations."

— Pete Sisti, CEO, Inova Solutions

Featured White Paper
Real-time data display white paper

Preparing for tomorrow's reporting strategy

Call center performance metrics are truly shaping the reporting strategy of tomorrow. Read our most recent white paper, written by contact center expert Jay Minnucci, which discusses the key metrics everyone in your organization should be aware of, from the top down.

Follow along with the charts and tables to learn about each metric and why it's important.

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An Excerpt from the White Paper

"As we wander into the next phase of contact center leadership, where social media and other proactive contact opportunities await us, the need to change our approach to reporting becomes even more urgent."

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