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Real-time Contact Center Reporting, Emergency Notification and Synchronized Time Solutions

Inova Solutions is a global provider of real-time visual communication solutions, including real-time contact center reporting software and display systems, emergency notification displays, and Power over Ethernet (PoE)-based IP digital and analog clocks.

Call Center Software Industry Leader

Inova Solutions knows that call center metrics can be difficult to keep track of and even more challenging to use effectively. Our reporting solutions – such as call center wallboards and digital signage software – empower your workforce with the real-time call center reports they need to do their jobs more effectively.

Inova's reporting solutions simplify the complexity of call center management. Advanced call center software gathers operational data from ACDs and workforce management systems, and filters it down to just your most important key performance indicators, such as average handle time and abandon rate.

These call center metrics are then presented on a variety of display technologies, including LED readerboards, LCD call center digital signage, call center dashboards and agent desktop applications.

Inova's call center software and hardware has helped contact centers across the world handle more calls without additional staffing, dramatically reduce abandon rates, increase service levels and more. Stop digging through lengthy call center reports looking for actionable data -- let Inova Solutions alert you of important KPIs as they happen.

Emergency Notification Systems for Colleges

Inova Solutions is also committed to real-time communication on college campuses and other public facilities. Our electronic LED signs are an important part of a multi-layered approach to campus safety and emergency management.

During a crisis, accurate, real-time information and instructions need to be instantly delivered to widely dispersed groups. Emergency management and campus security officials at colleges across the country trust Inova Solutions to keep students and faculty informed and empowered to take the appropriate actions during a crisis.

Synchronized School Wall Clocks

Inova Solutions' innovative network clocks are among the first of their kind, using an organization's own Ethernet wiring to supply power and time updates to digital and analog wall clocks. These ntp PoE network clocks simplify the job of facilities or IT managers at schools, hospitals and other businesses by eliminating the need for AC receptacles and individual batteries, and allowing for centralized UPS backup.

Organizations in every industry depend on accurate timekeeping for smooth daily operations, and nothing makes synchronized time easier than Inova's PoE network clocks. Schools and universities, hospitals, and manufacturing environments all benefit from the hassle-free installation and maintenace of synchronized, power over Ethernet network clocks.

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